‘Calgary’s sassiest Latin dancer’, Cristina has been a key influencer in the development of the local Latin dance community. Her blend of traditional Latin technique, Afro Cuban foundations and urban flair have made her one of Calgary’s most versatile and well-rounded Latin dance instructors on the scene.

Apart from dancing, Cristina is also an official host for the Expo Latino festival in Calgary, and has had the pleasure of participating in many important events around the city.

Being shy and struggling with confidence as a youth, Cristina was a closet dancer, secretly loving music and dance but afraid to take the stage and display her skills. Her love of dance helped her grow in ways she never thought possible, and has since inspired many students to pursue dance and overcome their fears.

Cristina has travelled internationally to teach and perform in Havana, Cuba; Cancun, Mexico; Los Angeles, USA, and various cities around Canada. She has been invited to perform for many top Latin musicians such as Jose Luis Rodriguez “El Puma”, Wil Campa, Grupo Niche, Victor Manuelle, Natalie Castro, Joseph Amado 'La Voz' and 25x Latin Grammy winning artist Robert Vilera Son.

Cristina has trained in Havana, Cuba and is well known for her specialization in Cuban dances and technique. She is passionate about bringing Latin culture and dance to the masses, and has learned from some of the best Latin dancers in the world. One of her defining qualities as a dancer and instructor is body movement technique, and believes anyone can learn how to look natural on the dancefloor!